I haven’t blogged in a few months as some of you may or may not know.

Time is flashing before my eyes and I really feel like I am missing my creative little corner on the internet and I need to get back so I thought a little life update would be a great place to start, not only for me but I feel it is the next important step my blog needs to take!

So much has happened within my blogging break, I have had some of the best and most life changing highlights of my life as well as a few challenges thrown in along the way! Excuse me for the corny life detail that is coming your way!

Back in September 2016 my blogging life came to a steady halt. Not only was I preparing for an amazing trip to America I was shortly going to embark on with my boyfriend (at the time) but my nan had fallen quite ill around the same time. On top of running a house and a career, my writing had to take a step back.

All of a sudden I found myself not coping with otherwise normal every day things very well. My mind was clouded over with so much emotion, excitement about our travels and the devastation I felt every time I would check on how my nan was doing.

Life is really, very short. The people in your life you love the most, you assume will always be there. I learned more from my nan than anybody I know and for that I will eternally be grateful. My nan taught me how to remain calm in stressful situations. She showed me so much love and patience and with her I always felt an inner calm and content. I have taken everything she taught me and made a promise to myself and her that I will implement these priceless teachings into my future.

Something I will never forget in 2016 for all the right reasons was my life changing trip to Orlando with my love. Not only did we experience the most exciting, memorable, insanely fun few weeks of our life, but my love, completely to my surprise, proposed to me. I became a very happy and emotional fiance whilst watching the fireworks in Disneyworld Orlando and it is a memory I will treasure forever. (sorry, I know you’ll be reaching for the buckets right about now..) I am so lucky to have such an amazing supportive future husband and I cannot wait to marry him and make a million more memories!


Another life changing experience in the last 4 months…. I adopted my two beautiful babies… FUR BABIES! I am now the proud mumma of two beautiful kittens and our little home has not been the same since. It had always been in the back of my mind that when I was fortunate enough to own a home I WILL adopt two cats (also dogs but maybe some time in the future) So nearly a year after being home owners and just returning from America all loved up and freshly engaged, we decided to get in touch with some rescue centres. (little side note to anyone reading; please ADOPT NOT SHOP.. There are beautiful, loving, perfect little furry friends waiting to be spoiled in rescue centres.. shopping for pets only encourages bad breeding which is so unfair on the mummas :(… ) Then, along came my two little loves, Mitsey and Ditsey. They are brother and sister from the same rescued litter and my heart is filled with love for them. I may do a post of a 1 year on update later on this year and give some hints and tips on adopting and owning your own pets but for now, they are keeping me on my toes but I haven’t looked back since!

Along with these major changes I had a very busy and exciting Christmas and New year and well, life got on top of me a little. In the time away from blogging, one thing I have managed to achieve is reflection. I began blogging becuase it was fun, it was mine and it was a way I could find the beauty in everything. I started to get a little bogged down by the added pressures of blogging and for me it lost its fun. There were some unexpected “expectations” thrown into the blogging mix the more my blogging journey esculated and it frightened me a little. Now I have time away I realise that my blog is mine, it is my journey and my choice what I do with it.

That is also a theme of my new year, I need to do more of what my heart wants rather than what I think is expected of me. Stop sweating the small stuff. Embrace my own choices and realise I am building my future so I need to choose happiness. (sorry for the deep stuff, but it really is the truth)

So, my blog is now in working order again. But at my own pace.


In a nutshell, never take anything or anyone for granted, always go with your heart and look after yourself and the rest just falls into place (eventually)

I am excited for the future and to catch up on a whole host of blogs. Also,if any of you lovelies know a great wedding blog or two (or a great Insta account for wedding inspo) then I will love you muchly if you could point me in the right direction below 😉




  1. Georgia 15th February 2017 / 5:26 am

    I love a life update but sorry for your loss. I’ve been MIA on the blogging front too, sometimes life just happens and it needs to take a back seat when you’re not doing it full time. Congrats on your engagement and omg that photo, SO CUTE! xx

  2. Hannah Hawes 8th February 2017 / 2:38 am

    Couldn’t be happier to see you’re making a return 🙂 like you, I had taken a couple of months off from blogging where things got a little hectic. I struggled the first week to get back into it, not going to lie. But surprisingly by the second, it was like I’d never stopped and the ideas and posts started flowing again. Sometimes we need to push ourselves to see if it’ll come. If it doesn’t then maybe more time is needed? If it does, then fantastic! Again I’m so sorry for your loss hun and know how much of an up and down last few months you’ve had 🙁
    I’d love to meet up more often. Have a writing session even together? Go take blog photos, ootd photos?
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  3. Amy 2nd February 2017 / 11:26 am

    Congratulations on your engagement ! That’s so exciting <3 Also, horray for getting cats they're absolutely stunning.

    Looking forward to you coming back when you're ready but remember not to sweat it, sometimes things have to take a back seat to real life! <3 – Amy

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